Advantex Solutions


Advantex Solutions specializes in all types of building automation from temperature controls, lighting controls, and energy monitoring systems. We offer services that extend to commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Due to the growing demand of energy efficiency, we focus our efforts to optimizing new and existing building infrastructures to provide cost savings to our clients.

Specializing in Temperature Control & Building Automation

We are authorized dealers in Johnson Controls, Distech Controls, and TCS Basys Controls. Our staff at Advantex includes a licensed professional engineer that supervises the engineering department to ensure our controls design meet every required design specifications. Our field personnel have extensive experience in programming and HVAC systems. Each technician is factory trained in the temperature control lines that our company offers our clients.

In 2008, Advantex Solutions became an authorized representative of Distech Controls to provide our clients with a LON control system, an open protocol control system. Our LON control system will provide our clients with control solutions with flexibility and the ability to integrate various HVAC equipment under one control system. As we move forward our goal at Advantex is to keep providing the best solutions for our clients and exceptional service to maximize the functionality of our controls systems for the end user.